Meet Carissa Glanton! A Female Photographer Based In Jacksonville, Florida

  • Age: ThirtyFyne
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Fave Color: Purple
  • Weapon Of Choice: Canon 6D
  • Years Of Experience: 13
  • Fave Quote: “I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle”
  • Instagram:@diamondeyezzz

It All Started With A Camera & A Dream 📷

Carissa Glanton, owner of Diamond Eyez Photographer is a Florida based Female Photographer that specializes in Teen & Adult Glamour Birthday Sessions. Her interest in portrait photography sparked up during her college studies which led her to opening her own studio centered around Birthdays.

Her vision for her business was to be a service giving you a unique experience that will leave you feel like a Queen! She personally struggled with low self-esteem growing up so the most fulfilling part of her job is seeing how happy people are to view their beauty through her work.

The 11 year journey to her dream career was started by maintaining a full-time job for the first 8 years of business. The breakthrough for her career began 2016 when she took a leap of faith towards what she loved, quit her job, and pursued Portrait Photography Full-Time.

Now Carissa has an amazing studio in the heart of Jacksonville, FL where she creates creative sets and scenes for her Queens!


More About Me!

I am a small town girl that moved from North Carolina to Jacksonville back in 2006. I did not start off pursuing photography but oddly enough I always kept a little disposable camera around when I was younger in High School (before digital cameras were common to have). I did not start gaining interest in capturing portraits until collage during my Graphic Design studies. I began my shooting using a pink Sony point-and-shoot camera (can you imagine that!?) and gained a feel for unique angles as well as unusual posing. Looking back it makes me laugh thinking wow I really was a big-time dreamer but I heard a good quote 'How you start the race does not determine how you finish it". I have my friend Rachelle to thank for inspiring me to pursue a career as a photographer! She was my first model and was always down to taking photos with me, even if it meant waking up 6am in the morning to drive half an hour out to the beach to snap some shots. LOL.

Throughout the years I had the honor to meet and work with various unique individuals. I Graduated with my A.S Degree in Graphic Design from Florida State College of Jacksonville, where I studied the fundamentals of graphic imagery, film, digital photography, and photo editing.

My shooting style is bright and colorful. I love very animated looks and quirky poses. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way and capturing that beauty is what makes me really enjoy my career. Everyone would like that chance in the spotlight and taking personal photos really brings them that confidence and joy (plus they last forever ;-D).

I am a social network junkie! You can find me on various sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Google plus, Pinstrest, Flickr, Model Mayhem, Yahoo, and Behanced just to name a few. Thanks for taking a moment of your time to read about me!